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NEW SERVICES include EDM for long throws (total station), wind gauge for horizontal jumps, fully automatic lap counter, and more. Don't forget to ask about our newest offerings.

Looking to upgrade your meet? Tired of having to worry about results? Want to just coach your kids? Do you want to provide your coaches, athletes, and spectators with live results on scoreboards positioned around the facility? Are you looking for results accurate to within 1/1000 of a second, posted within seconds? Do you want all of your distance kids to have F.A.T. splits for each lap? If you want it, we can make it happen. We use nothing but the best in industry standard equipment to produce the most accurate results possible. Our committment is to provide you with a professional experience from start to finish. NTX Timing is an ACTIVE/HY-TEK Certified Contractor, and Official MileSplit Timer.

As an official MileSplit Timer, you (the client) have access to free online registration, as well as live web results provided by an organization that is committed to the betterment of the track & field/Running communities. MileSplit does far more for the kids of our sport than any of its competitors, and NTXTiming is proud to partner with them.

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